Monday, August 17, 2015

Let me tell you......

        This has absolutely nothing to do with my garden. But it does say how gullible lonely people are and they can get into bad situations innocently. I give confession, this internet thing is relatively newish for me. A little over a week ago, someone added me to their circle. I thought it was same old, same old. He (or she I now have no clue) was a quick charming talker. They got on my chat page. We started to chat. Innocent, right?? Well, in no time at all he(?) was telling me there was something in my profile that really struck him(?) We chatted for hours; I have to say it was really fun. And then the BS started to smell. This person said that HE(?) was falling in love with me. A little bs flag popped up. Well, not being that sure what I was getting into, I started to joke around. A few days later, he(?) who was supposed to be in the Army and stationed in Kabul, said he had several thousand dollars saved since he started serving. I guess there are no banks in Kabul, because then this person, claiming they had fallen in love with me, asked if they could send all this cash to me for safe keeping so we could be together when he(?) got out. I did know it claimed to be a man in the many chats that lasted hours. This money "package" that was comming to the US via courier, started the wake-up call.                                                                             When the package started it's trip, I got an urgent Email stating the United Nations Courier Service needed me to URGENTLY send 650 dollars so I could take posession of it when it crossed country borders. AS IF!!!  When I said that there was no way I had that cash for immediate disposal, he (?) got crankey. This led to two anguishing days of arguments. I was the one that wasn't making this new love work, and was messing with our future! Well, I might have been born at night, but not LAST night. A really really big BS flag went up then. The conversation was dominated by this delivery from then on. I asked why I had to pay all that $ to have more $ delivered. Then the emails started to come, from the courier demanding they needed this money as soon as possible, preferably immediately. When I said there was No possible way to get it, this person begged if "we" could borrow from friends or relations. Well, most of my readers are familiar with my brother, The Silver Fox. He, being soooo much more savvy in internet things than older sis, said the whole thing stunk. Well, he came over and looked up internet scams for me. When he punched up my new sweetie's profile, lo and behold, there was about 300 examples of how this person had been used for internet scams!!~Wow.~ I was in awe. Not to mention a tad heartbroken. I thought the lonely spell might have been history. Alas, not this time. Well. A little time later this scuzball Emailed me again! I told him(?) to go scam someone else cuz I thought the real Ray Chandler might be upset to have his good name used in such a way. This gentleman was a highly decorated Officer in the US Army. Very High up there!  I thought the matter was put to bed. A couple of hours later, I got several nasty Emails swearing at me and calling me names. I had to quickly take a crash course in how to block individuals from your site. Once I mastered this, peace came back. Really almost got sucked in on this one. Just because I was vulnerable and let my guard down for a millisecond! Now this thing is behind me, I'm wiser,  and get to warn others that might be as innocent as I was. This is a warning from the heart. Please please beware!


  1. Great post! Here's hoping your warning helps out other people who like to believe that others are as honest as they are. There are a lot of creeps out there!

  2. I can certainly relate. For I have received dozens of marriage proposals in emails over the years. I figured that it had to do with how incredibly charming I naturally am. So, I really could not blame the ladies, and my wife has looked upon it as a business opportunity. For she demands a $1,000 shipping and handling fee to send me their way. No one has meet her demands yet, but she holds out hope.


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