Friday, December 11, 2015

Back in the Saddle Again.....

             Several months and 2 'putters later, I am trying to go it again! December.... the yard is as "put to bed" as it's gonna be. The stuff I didn't  cut to the ground is going to stay scruffy for the winter.This will test the theory that things go through the winter better left standing tall till Spring. I, personally like the " cleaned to the ground with a layer of mulch" approach myself, but the old knees are not working as well as I would like right now. Just had a course of Steroids a couple of months ago and did not bounce back this time. Maybe the new catalogs will improve  my spirits somewhat. After 26 years, MS won this battle. I am still a stubborn Lithuanian and am not quitting. Just had my 65th birthday -- strange, still feel the same. Guess that is a good thing.               One bad thing to report however, my beloved Butch did get hit by a car in Sept. After an hour ride with him screaming in the back of my truck, the vet wasn't able to save him.  I rode in the back with him, and I couldn't comfort him at all. A couple of months later, I rescued an English Bulldog mix from GA. His name is Benny, and it has helped a lot. WHAT!!!! You didn't think I can go without a big puppy sleeping on my bed for very long, did you??? He's white with a brindle patch on his back and a big black spot on one eye. The cat is not impressed at all. (it'll get worse for her; my girlfriend says her cat is pregnant and I get to pick out a kitten). So I am settling in the winter mode, to shovel and eat ice cream, joy, joy.                                      

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  1. I certainly feel for your loss over Butch, but it's good to hear that you are still kicking. Now, what about your brother?


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