Sunday, December 27, 2015


           It is Dec 27th, and it just rained for 15 minutes! I am smiling, because I don't have to shovel raindrops. I do admit, Christmas was strange with no snow, and 45 degrees. Yet, today it's 49! For New England! Hope every one had a Merry Merry. Brother came over and we watched "School Of Rock" with Jack Black and an ensemble of outrageously talented young musicians. The movie was made in 2003, so they are all grown up now. Nevertheless, talent at 10 years old is remarkable. I highly recommend it ..For those about to rock, Rock On!!  I admit, I'm stuck in the 60's And what a sweet time it was.With my purple huge hat, my bellbottoms, and my El Camino, I was a a sight!
             Any how, now I am just a garden fanatic. Times have changed. I still hope to add pictures of my new pup, Benny. The kennel named him Ben, and he never once would even look my way when I called him .I had to pound on the floor to get his attention. He seemed to like Benny much better. We now have a great relationship. They said he was a Bulldog mix, but I think Pit-Bull is more accurate. He is a sweetheart, and quite handsome. Anyhow, that's it, short and sweet! Ta ta for now, diggers,,  Kathy.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Same old blaa blaa blaa

    Just let Benny out and looked at my sad, grey, back gardens ;boy, do things get bleak this time of year in the Northeast! We havn't gotten any snow yet, but that cannot be too far away. Those catalogs won't come a day too soon. There's the reliable substitute, HOUSEWORK, but that will be the last resort. I would rather decorate something or plant seeds. I am surprised at things that are still green! My foxgloves, feverfew, geraniums,(perennial type), lavender, and grass. There are monkshood in back, and hyssop and two kinds of chives and Walking onions still very green. The leaves are gone from my apple tree, but not from my dwarf peach or lilacs. Guess were going to have to get a hard freeze to clean every thing. I got very lazy the end of the season and threw all the remaining leaves out my side gate to blow where they wanted. It is a vacant lot (I took a tiny area next to my house last year to make a garden .I tried to buy it but never got a call back. I am the only one taking care of it anyhow.) A few months ago my brother and I spent a whole day wacking brush and clearing tiny trees (mostly maples) I am fierce with clippers. The next day I looked at it and had a big smile on my face. It looked like a pretty little park!There had been an enormous patch of bittersweet and I spent a long time getting those roots out. Because my house was built LITERALLY on the property line, I have to keep the lot clean to make my yard look acceptable. That was 100 years ago and they didn't have to deal with zoning or permits. A big plus is that no one can build there because the house had to be razed after an oil delivery missed the fuel pipe! 250 gallons went on the ground. Trees across the street died! They came and checked my cellar two times for leakage. I figure is if I don't have to pay taxes for it and can still grow plants, I win!! Sneaky, huh? That side of my house is where my berry patch is now. Black, red, and gold raspberries are doing great. They are nestled by the stockade fence so they get protection from wind. Well, diggers, I guess that's ta-ta  for now.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Back in the Saddle Again.....

             Several months and 2 'putters later, I am trying to go it again! December.... the yard is as "put to bed" as it's gonna be. The stuff I didn't  cut to the ground is going to stay scruffy for the winter.This will test the theory that things go through the winter better left standing tall till Spring. I, personally like the " cleaned to the ground with a layer of mulch" approach myself, but the old knees are not working as well as I would like right now. Just had a course of Steroids a couple of months ago and did not bounce back this time. Maybe the new catalogs will improve  my spirits somewhat. After 26 years, MS won this battle. I am still a stubborn Lithuanian and am not quitting. Just had my 65th birthday -- strange, still feel the same. Guess that is a good thing.               One bad thing to report however, my beloved Butch did get hit by a car in Sept. After an hour ride with him screaming in the back of my truck, the vet wasn't able to save him.  I rode in the back with him, and I couldn't comfort him at all. A couple of months later, I rescued an English Bulldog mix from GA. His name is Benny, and it has helped a lot. WHAT!!!! You didn't think I can go without a big puppy sleeping on my bed for very long, did you??? He's white with a brindle patch on his back and a big black spot on one eye. The cat is not impressed at all. (it'll get worse for her; my girlfriend says her cat is pregnant and I get to pick out a kitten). So I am settling in the winter mode, to shovel and eat ice cream, joy, joy.