Thursday, June 25, 2015

Betcha Didn't Even Know I Was Gone

        Hi there!!!Thanks to a dear friend of my brother, I have been able to borrow one of her computers...She builds them as a hobby!~!!!! I feel really dumb now...  Here is a new entry..                I just came in the house. Picked up the "poop", cut some hedges, gave my Kiwi vines a severe haircut. And a brisk talking to. If there are no fruit for next year's harvest, there will be a "pulling out party" and there will be some grapes in their place!!! This is the third year there were blossoms and the next time I looked, there were none !!!!. Grapes, on the other hand, always do well for me. I have been sweet-talking and coddling two males and one female Kiwi for five years and my patience has run out..I want some fruit Dammit!! I have a Niagara and a Cadence (?) grape and never ever do they give me a hard time. Maybe I should leave the Kiwi's to the Australians???? This variety was guaranteed to  grow in zone 5. My house is zone 6, so I figured, no problem. Oh well.                                    This week I finished all projects in my front yard. Holly hedges all clipped neatly and swept . Trial and error and bloody fingers taught me that to control and trim 30 feet of hedging you use hedge clippers, a metal rake to pull the  clippings on the ground, a snow shovel to pick them up and place them in a barrel, and of COURSE leather garden gloves. They sure look spiffy when they are all done and already two neighbors commented on them. I used a tree saw to trim the unruly sprouts my Dogwood seems to develop each spring, and just might start calling it "Alfalfa" after the comic character with the wild hair. The Josee lilacs have finished their first bloom, and now is haircut time for them too.(Some of you might remember I thought their fragrance was less than desirable) If you deadhead, they bloom continuously through fall. I don't care for the smell, but the flowers rock! The lawn is cut, weeds pulled in the beds, Rhodies have all been deadheaded, and I even put a pot of Roses on my front step.I should take a picture, and a family visiting my neighbor actually did. The father walked up and asked if he could take pictures of my gardens to bring home to Texas.What was really cool was a big butterfly landed on the bush at that moment! Well, that about does it for this time, keep digging!!!