Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Hello Again

             It's been sooooooooo long, 'puter has been out of function. It felt like I was on vacation in Siberia, too bad I didn't get to bring home my favorite gemstone, Chrome Diopside for the troubles I went through! In July, my body went dead from the waist down, and I had to do IV Steroids for 5 days. First time they didn't work! So I've been using a cane and walker
                                                                                                                  ever since. The gardens have gotten so overgrown that I just gave up! Hopefully, this Spring I will have the power to start again. If not, I'm going to have a huge plant sale!!!!!! After paying for these perennials for 26 years, and nurturing them, and feeding, I am certainly not going to just GIVE them all away! I'll keep a few for the patio of my apartment I'll have to re-locate to. The trees and lilacs and fruit will stay for the new owners.Don't I sound like a grown-up with a grip on reality?????                                The drought we had this Spring and Summer made no Apples, plums, or other crops to pick. All I got was some blueberries and white raspberries.                                                                                               Hope to get final prep for the winter soon. I spent 4 hours getting the shed ready;Tools away, some got oiled and sharpened. They are all piled on top of my garden cart. Hose drained, rolled  up and hung on it's hanger.One more wacking of the lawns will do it. Then put snow shovel in the mud  room and dump 2 barrels of debris. DONE!                                                                                                 This winter I'm going to try to make jewelry to pass the time. I figure if I'm going to watch TV I might as well try to generate income at the same time! And I don't have to use my legs! I have a huge supply of stones just sitting there. My Mom had hundreds of findings (jewelry components) on hand . So all I need to furnish is creativity. And a pot of coffee. Thanks to brother The Silver Fox for getting my 'puter running, and Kathy P. (my Obie-Wan) for being it's surgeon. Feels good to be back! Now to the aforementioned tasks before me..........Toodles        Kathy.