Tuesday, January 26, 2016

A fly in my soup

Hope you all have seen my dawg, Benny. He's big, smart, beautiful, happy, and one thing (surprise to me ) is as much a THIEF  as I ever saw!!! His shoulders hit right at the level of my kitchen table! What does this mean, you ask. Well, I have learned not to even turn my back around to get a spoon from my counter!!!!! That appropriately positioned muzzle will snatch any thing not stapled to the tablecloth! And since that would be very impractical to do in a kitchen in the first place, and I do not even OWN a stapler at the present time, I'm screwed! Today a neighbor left some goodies at my door while I was away on errands, and by the time I got all my bundles accounted for and in the door, My Beloved had downed four single size pies!!!! When I got back to the room, he also had I/2 of my loaf of bread consumed!!This was, keep in mind, less than 30 seconds! I know he's not hungry,,,,,, he has soft breakfast in the am and crunchy at his disposal all day! He's just a compulsive thief!  Since I myself have an eating compulsion, just how angry can I get!! Should I put myself in HIS place, no I don't think so......I guess I'll just have to be diligent in counter measures. I should thank him, I guess, that the pies ended up on his thighs ,not mine.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Still crazy after all these years

                  Good day, mes amis! I wanted to do something fun before shoveling. I just wish there was a neighbor to take pity on the old lady on the corner! Hope you all are doing great. I will have pix of Benny shortly. I love the one with him yawning!! I am prejudiced, being a proud mom, but he's quite handsome. And to think, he was 24 hours away from being put down, if nobody adopted him! Some people should be put down, not these animals!! This winter is weird. ! I am SOOOOO ready to play outside. My one plant on my "gotta have it" list for this year is a fern leaf Bleeding Heart. The name is "sulphur heart" and it blooms yellow! The catalogs do not have it as a standard offer, you have to really search for it. The rest for this year will be just dividing what I already have. If I want to put in anything else, I am going to need more land!! I have 4 baby crabapple trees I started last year, from seeds I scoffed from a McDonald's parking lot. They are 14 inches tall already. I plan on canning this year, and have recipes waiting. I am ready with 4 kinds of raspberries, apples, and blueberries, rhubarb, and plums! Lord willing, I will have jars stored for future consumption. joy joy! When I was a younger lass, I used to can like a fiend. Pickles, jams, anything I could get my hands on. Alas I seem to have slowed down a tad. I made a relish with carrots once for a bake sale, and one fellow bought every jar! Well, kiddies, shovel awaits..... ta ta for now..

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

my new face.

                            Here I am again.....Picking up the "rant" torch from my brother......For the last week and a half, I have been chatting with a seemingly "nice" guy on line, hey, talk isn't the worst thing out there. I have become very fond of some of my readers. I feel very close to a few of you. Well a journey starts with a single step, right? So here I was, happily tooling along with my life, and WHAM! I get hit with another scammer..... Well, thanks to experiences past, ol' Lynchie, (and to you, my dear Henry, for my nickname), I am not such a pushover anymore. As IF I needed a refresher course on ON- LINE SCAMS......                                                                                                                                          Here I was, happily tooling along with my life, and get this seemingly dreamy guy to chat with. All went well for about 4 days. Then the alarms in my brain started buzzing. Girls, or guys if you are reading this, Nobody falls in love with anybody in 3 or 4 days...... It is like, maybe, or lust, probably, but not "till death do us part" love!!!! That takes time to build. It has to grow, be nurtured, and trust has to be earned. I have been in such a relationship. I know..      This new fellow, threw the "L" word around really quickly. When all the flowery phrases didn't work, because you are talking to someone not born last night, remember, he got nasty. For crying out loud, SCAMMER PEOPLE, at least change your script a little between scams!!!!! It is almost word for word!!! Well, thanks to a very dear past boyfriend, I have a very  keen sense when something isn't right.  I knew exactly where the talk was gong. Hell, I could have even joined in on the chorus! I knew exactly where to insert, "send me $500 to get this package to you for our future" went!!!! Can you imagine that!    And, of course, when these guys get outed,  they tend to get hostile. I guess because if you don't get hooked, they have lost precious   time they could have been working on someone else more gullible. Well I have been around 4 legged animals all my life,  and I am no Spring Chicken, so I will tell you one thing. Animals give us pure love. When you look in their eyes, there is no deceit. They do not lie, cheat or have ill intent. At least not our pets. If my dog stole off the kitchen table, I can see it on his face, immediately. And the mess beneath him on the floor doesn't help either. But animals give unconditional love. without requiring anything but the same in return. And the occasional treat, back scratch, or petting.  Snuggle with your pet on the bed in the morning, (cat people), or play fetch in the yard with a dog, You know exactly what you have!!!  True Love.. So here's to you, my dear Butchie....and my new face. At least now they can say,"Boy, Kathy is a real  dog!" and it will mean something.                             

Friday, January 1, 2016

happy new year

                             I would like to thank all who visited this little ditty during the year .I hope in this new year I can share more of my gardening tales and maybe answer some questions if any arise for you. I don't know everything, but I do have many gardening books at my fingertips from the years and years I have been playing in the dirt! God Bless and have a safe and prosperous 2016......kathy