Tuesday, January 26, 2016

A fly in my soup

Hope you all have seen my dawg, Benny. He's big, smart, beautiful, happy, and one thing (surprise to me ) is as much a THIEF  as I ever saw!!! His shoulders hit right at the level of my kitchen table! What does this mean, you ask. Well, I have learned not to even turn my back around to get a spoon from my counter!!!!! That appropriately positioned muzzle will snatch any thing not stapled to the tablecloth! And since that would be very impractical to do in a kitchen in the first place, and I do not even OWN a stapler at the present time, I'm screwed! Today a neighbor left some goodies at my door while I was away on errands, and by the time I got all my bundles accounted for and in the door, My Beloved had downed four single size pies!!!! When I got back to the room, he also had I/2 of my loaf of bread consumed!!This was, keep in mind, less than 30 seconds! I know he's not hungry,,,,,, he has soft breakfast in the am and crunchy at his disposal all day! He's just a compulsive thief!  Since I myself have an eating compulsion, just how angry can I get!! Should I put myself in HIS place, no I don't think so......I guess I'll just have to be diligent in counter measures. I should thank him, I guess, that the pies ended up on his thighs ,not mine.


  1. Your brother needs to visit you a lot more. (LOL?)

    1. I have spent the last 2 days with him....... till my truck is running, he is my transportation. I was out with him when my bundles got raided by Benny. I didn't even have a chance to see what was inside when Benny got into those bags!

  2. Oh Benny is a handful! My Katie would swallow whatever she could. I ended up getting a bunch of pop cans, placed 3 or 4 pennies in each and covered the hole up with tape. I would place it all around my counter. It looked like a shooting gallery but Katie did not like the noise and it worked. You can try that. Benny is lucky 'cos he's a guy nothing sticks to their thighs. He is a cutie but he looks very strong

  3. Yes, he is quite a handful AND he is really strong. I guess it's the Bulldog in his shoulders.I will try the can trick


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