Thursday, March 17, 2016

Just a quick note

Here it is..... Spring(?) I have  a tiny thing to share before I tackle day #2 on garden  cart......Last year I spent an alarming amount of $ on beautiful bulbs. When I awaited the blooms, I found tiny holes in my soil in their place. The squirrels and chippies had dug them all up for a snack!!! This year I will be much wiser..... I bought some mesh plastic garden screening at WalMart. This time I am going to dig a trench, put fertilizer and leafs in, then my bulbs AND lay the screening on top of the whole mess, then proceed to put soil down.No more lunch for them! I work too hard to provide free dinner after the work is done .....HAHAHAHA!!!!!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Happy Spring!!!!

                            Boy am I glad this season is behind us! Maybe I'm jumping the gun, but I am SSOOOOOOO ready to get in my dirt! Took 2 days to pick up all the puppy poop that had been scattered in all my pathways. My back yard is all beds surrounded with chicken wire to keep dogs from digging or pooping there. It has to be 3 feet tall. I got bricks from all over and concrete slabs 12 X 12 for paving my paths. In the middle of one bed is a plum tree, another has an apple tree, a third has a mini peach and a BIG Rose of Sharon bush  Last year I had to cut it back 1/2  because things under it needed light. They are so pretty. Broke my heart. But when the blooms fall, what a glorious mess!!!    I already put snow shovels in the shed.  Some of the Bleeding Heart seeds have started to arrive, they come from Laos , and nothing is color coded. Guess I'll have to wait to see  what the colors are. I ordered Red, Purple, Pink, Blue, Yellow and Black!! They go in  my freezer as soon as I get them. They need a "cool" time, about 2 weeks.  Then I am off....... Lord Willing tomorrow I will start to put my garden cart together. Got a nice home for it in my shed. Gourd seeds have come. I got several "weird" ones to hopefully sell at the flea market .My yellow fernleaf Bleeding Heart will ship in a few days..Joy Joy... Okay, okay you must be thinking it so I'll just say it. I am a  plant whore!!!    
                         Lots of fallen branches to get, and this is where my new cart will do nicely. I do not own a wheelbarrow. Havn't in decades because my own balance is not good. I don't want to think of the  mess if we BOTH went down! Having MS does make you find easier and less tedious ways of doing things. Enter my cart! I just heard birds chirping yesterday, so filled my feeder. And have to srart other seeds I have purchased along the way. Last year I tried Birdhouse Gourds. I must have hundreds in a pouch ready to go. So, diggers, I have to get to bed early... Big day ahead of me tomorrow. If anyone would like seeds this season, just let me know and I will send them to you!   How's That!!!