Thursday, March 2, 2017

Back Again.....

           I know it's been a while...but I spent three days in the hospital, and 2 months in  two nursing homes. I did not take the election  results very well. Now I'm back on my feet, sort of, and will be doing all my yard tasks from my 4 wheeled walker!!! Should be a challenge.                                                    On a happier note, my trees are budding. Last year I didn't get one apple and only two plums. The only things that did well were my  grapes and berries. I can thank the drought last winter for that. This year, I am hopeful. once again. Gardeners are optimists! I will have 3 types of grapes; Last year I built all the sections to rebuild my I just have to assemble it! My Kiwi wasn't fruiting after three seasons so I cut the thing out! Of course it grew back with a vengeance! We'll see how it co-exists with the grapes.
            I have tiny green buds on my Lilacs, buds on my plum tree, and my Granny Smith. Seeing the date of today's entry, I hope we don't get a freeze to knock this year's crop out. Last year I went out and bought canning jars. Hope I get to use them this year.   I used to be a canning fool!  I know this is short, but I gotta get back in my dirt!!! Seeeeee Yaaaaa!