Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Waiting for Spring

It's been soo long since I even sat down at this keyboard... forgot stuff. I have been shoveling my ___ off for several weeks. I have a corner lot, so that means two areas of sidewalk and one fire hydrant to clear and one crosswalk that gets blocked each time the town plows.WAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!                           Now that I have gotten my winter aggressions out, I can continue. This has been a rough winter for an old broad like myself. This last storm, I was blessed by a neighbor using his snowblower on my sidewalks. This was the only time all season I got help.The snow at the end of my driveway was eight feet piled on the sidewalk edge!!  A bright light was when my brother shoveled the snow off the flat roof of the back bedroom. I threw my back out and needed his help.                          I have about forty packets of seeds to plant in the next couple of weeks.Just a few veggies. The lion's share are perennials. Each spring I can't wait to get in that dirt. I have Hollyhocks, Lupines, Delphiniums, Oriental Poppies, and Foxglove seeds just to mention for now. I got lots of annuals at the Dollar Store for four for a dollar. They are Asters, Campanulas, Cosmos, Daisies, Portulacas, and Cleomes. This is a quick filler with color till the good stuff comes in.  I am partial to perennials because you plant once, and you're good for a couple of years at least. I guess I'm a little lazy...annuals are lots of work every season. I did order 2 varieties of Chocolate Vine (when I first planted one I did not know you needed two kinds for cross pollination, and Gurney's are the only ones I found that had two.) Another order was for tall Phlox, a double Siberian Iris (LOVE those) and a Hardy Geranium. If my wallet allows, there is a new variety of Fernleaf Bleeding Heart that is YELLOW!!!! Definitely on my must have list.                                                                                                                                Well, that is all for now cause I have to feed my animules...It's 7:52 AM. and they don't wait well. Catch you later..