Monday, January 18, 2016

Still crazy after all these years

                  Good day, mes amis! I wanted to do something fun before shoveling. I just wish there was a neighbor to take pity on the old lady on the corner! Hope you all are doing great. I will have pix of Benny shortly. I love the one with him yawning!! I am prejudiced, being a proud mom, but he's quite handsome. And to think, he was 24 hours away from being put down, if nobody adopted him! Some people should be put down, not these animals!! This winter is weird. ! I am SOOOOO ready to play outside. My one plant on my "gotta have it" list for this year is a fern leaf Bleeding Heart. The name is "sulphur heart" and it blooms yellow! The catalogs do not have it as a standard offer, you have to really search for it. The rest for this year will be just dividing what I already have. If I want to put in anything else, I am going to need more land!! I have 4 baby crabapple trees I started last year, from seeds I scoffed from a McDonald's parking lot. They are 14 inches tall already. I plan on canning this year, and have recipes waiting. I am ready with 4 kinds of raspberries, apples, and blueberries, rhubarb, and plums! Lord willing, I will have jars stored for future consumption. joy joy! When I was a younger lass, I used to can like a fiend. Pickles, jams, anything I could get my hands on. Alas I seem to have slowed down a tad. I made a relish with carrots once for a bake sale, and one fellow bought every jar! Well, kiddies, shovel awaits..... ta ta for now..


  1. Have you tried looking online for the plant you want?

  2. Yes! Michigan Bulb Nursery offers it for $19.99 and once the money appears, away the order will go! hanks for checking in on an ol' lady!!hahahahaha

  3. I so agree with you that some people need to be put down and not the animals. I can't wait to see a picture of your fur baby-I bet he is special and very sweet. I bet you will relish in making your canned jams etc... (couldn't help myself to the pun)

    1. If I had your address, I would send you some!!!


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