Monday, August 3, 2015

Too much time on my hands

  Boring Monday.......Tons of stuff to do and no power to do them. Hopefully I'll get to weeding before the heat sets in. Seems like that is my song day after day (hahaha) Just looked in the mirror and I have a rather long black bruise on my right cheek! The mouth hurt a lot yesterday which puzzles me 'cuz the teeth came out a week ago. Thank God that is over! Did not sleep at all last night so I got busy doing housework I've been putting off. Got tons accomplished too. It seems I do my best work about two AM. Still looking for a plum recipe before the birds get them all. Yesterday they were chirping a lot and when I checked to see what the fuss was about, about 50 were in my tree picking them . Now today I have to clean up the mess they made.  All over the ground. Maybe I should stop feeding them and build a scarecrow! Never thought I'd get to this. Weed wacking to do, yard debris to gather, Weeds to pull EVERYWHERE. Poop to pick up, street needs weeding too. My neighbor is mowing his lawn right now. The garden bed I started last year is soooooo overgrown with crabgrass ( my favorite) that I have to get my big garden fork to loosen the grass before I can work on it. Weeds are us! ( Instead of Toys Are Us) And I should get some of those rose hips for jelly.                                                                                                                                         On a different side of me, I was watching the Liquidation Channel yesterday. They have the best prices of any shopping channel out there. If you are a jewelry whore like I am, I strongly recomend them. It was Sunday and everything is under 10 dollars. They offered several items with Rose Amethyst stones. Amethyst is my big two, along with Russian Chrome Diopside. (I hurt myself getting to the phone!) So in about seven days I will have more rings to smile at. My ring box is filling up nicely. The rose amethyst is very light lilac color. Purple is my fave color so I couldn't pass them up. Joy joy joy.  Does any body out there share my love of stones?????Let's chat...


  1. We don't get the Liquidation Channel here. Since we are already flirting with being hoarders, I am glad that we don't get it.

    I hope your jaw gets to feeling better. My mother-in-law comes out of her room without any idea about what caused new wounds, and trying to ask her about it is like asking a five year-old why they tried actually eating the mud pie they made. Sigh,

  2. Your jaw will take a while to heal but I am certain you are on the mend. I love jewels but I don't buy any because I am, well, cheap:) We don't have that channel here either but I know my cousin out west would love it as she buys like you. I forgot about my recipe! So This is the basic recipe for yeast dough. 1 2/3 C Flour, 1/3 C sugar, 1/4 C margarine(warm it), 1 egg plus 1 egg yolk, 3/4 warm milk, sweetened with a little sugar(3 tbsp), salt (1 tsp), 1 package dry yeast.
    put a little flour in the bowl. Warm up the milk with the sugar and yeast-let it sit and rise a bit. Add all ingredients making sure there is a "hole" in the middle for the eggs. Place the sugar and margarine(cut up a bit) along the outer sides of the flour. Now fold it in a bit towards the centre, always toward the centre. No kneading yet. Put the milk and yeast in, in increments (not all at once). Now start to knead (may need flour on hands) and keep kneading. Near the end, when all seems mixed fold in and slam it down with the knuckles. I know weird. You can wait a bit for it to rise and the fold and knead again.
    Place dough on cookie sheet, rolled out so the sheet is covered. Now you can cut up those plums like one cuts up an apple and place it on top. My mom would make a custard to place on top-she would "drip" it over the fruit-it was never fully covered. You then place it in the oven and bake it at 350F for about 20 min or so until it looks nice a golden.

    My mom would use sour cherries, apples, German style cheesecake (with cottage cheese) and almonds for a variety of different yeast cakes. She would often double or triple the recipe.

    This is the best I can do since she did this from her head and the most difficult or irritating is the yeast part to make, but oh so yummy.

    The Almond on top (called Bienenstich-pronounched Beenenstich) is with
    50-75 Gram butter
    100 G sugar
    1 vanilla sugar
    1 Tbsp milk and 100g of sliched/crushed (between the 2) almonds

    Sorry for the grams on this one but Germans often use Grams and I have my mom's measuring cup with grams.


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