Thursday, August 13, 2015


     It is totally dark outside, and I was forced to come in. Weeding the huge amount of weeds that have established their home in the gutter of the sidewalk on one side of my house. I started this tedious project yesterday. Have about half finished as of tonight. Some of the weeds are Really in there! I have a pail of water to pour on the roots: they come out a lot easier when they are wet. Dry soil, I have found can be like cement when you want to get the whole root out. And if you leave any, those buggers grow right back!! There was a moment of gratitude, tho, because one of our Town Counselors was walking by with her husband, and commented on how great the gutter was looking. She thanked me!!!!! And said she wished more people would tend their yards. (I just smiled,) because the first thing that came to my mind, was (and of course I never SAID it,) was how in previous years the town always took care of any weeds in the gutter FOR us. Maybe it is a "Budget" issue this year. Anyway, after I do a stretch, I stand back and smile at it. It is not the most favorite thing I have on my "Get around toit list", but it pays off big in self gratification. Call me childish. But indulge me. I think all of us have one thing we have to do but do not relish the task. I do not think it would be wise to use weed killer on these weeds, because it is in the gutter, after all, and would eventually be in the sewer system. Eco- safe, etc,etc.                                                                                                                             One good thing happened today, and it was free! There was a Coneflower growing across the street in really bad soil. So I scurried over with my little shovel, and dug it up!!! It wasn't in anyone's garden, just stuck on the side of the road begging for a new home. So there I was. When my truck is running, I always have a small shovel, a pail, and jug of water in the back of the cab in case I see a lone specimen on the side of the road wanting to get a new home. And I have gotten some great stuff over the years. And the price isn't too bad, either! hahahaha.     So keep digging, friends.

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  1. My hubby cleaned out the gutter 3 weeks ago. The ladder fell so he hoisted it up with the hose to our veranda roof. He forgot to stabilize it so when he went onto the ladder, it started to come down(those tall ladders that "shimmy" together). He caught himself on the eavestrough and got down ok but had some nasty scratches and one big chunk of flesh went missing. Did he go to the ER? Nope-he probably needed 3 stitches. I bandaged him up and now he is healing really well. How is your eye? He feels very gratified as he should and so should you. I agree that nothing feels better than accomplishing something especially something that has really gotten out of hand. My mom would travel the back roads when we lived in the country and that's how we got our black eyed susans and the tiger lillies.


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