Thursday, August 13, 2015

this beats snow

I am getting ready to go out to do more lovely weeding, but had to sit down at the 'puter  anyhow, so thought I'd get a short bit in. There is lots of color today, the phlox and daylilies love the, not so much, but it sure beats shoveling sidewalks. I'm on a corner, so I have two! And they are rather long.               I never noticed how many colors of lilies I have acquired over the 26 years I have been living here until yesterday. I'm going to have to attend a 7 step program if I don't stop. So many lilies, so little time....


  1. I would love to see some pictures! I hope you can post them one day. I hate the dead of summer and the heat. I can't do much anyway and commend you because you have MS like my half sister. On Thursday I went with my hubby to a nice town for a day away. We pick a town every year that is about, max, 2 hrs away and just go there to check it out. After that day of walking, I was so bad that night and yesterday that I was seeing pinks and blues in front of my eyes from the pain. Today I am better but will be taking it easy. One thing that always makes me feel great are flowers so it must be wonderful to look out your window and see what you have accomplished.

  2. Still waiting for Santa to bring a digital camera..... Do not have the $ myself. If I did, I would put all of my gardens on the Dirt so I could share. Of course, the flowers change week by week, so there is always something new. Love that. The trip to a new town sounds like a wonderful idea!! I wish I had someone to share that with,,, but recent developments might make that a certainty for the future.....


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