Sunday, May 1, 2016

Ode to Shovel

    Happy Mayday! If you are a digger like myself, your tools are all sharpened, oiled, and ready to go. It is hard to believe as I look over my varied selection, what odd things I have amassed through these years. There was the year everything HAD to be purple, then there are the many different cutting tools. I have four different pair of loppers; each have varied lengths on the handles. Three short cultivators, and one ancient one that has a long handle. I am embarrassed to list how many pair of hand clippers I posses: each one comes with the promise of doing a better job than the last one. Small spades, (dime a dozen) sharpening stones...DON'T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT IT...many metal rakes, spools of wire and wire cutters, and shovels. On that point, I have one exception. As I said before, I'm an old farmer....well, when my parents had their farm, and I was a wee lass of four, my dad had one standard shovel. Somehow, through all these years (and we're talkin' 1950 to now....) I still have that one ol' shovel Dad bought!!  It was a classic, even has a split shank. I sharpen it, oil the handle, and it has gotten me through all these years. Hard to believe, I kept it for decades that I didn't even own my horses, lived in an apartment, got married, divorced, another dozen apartments, and now my home of 26 years. I never had a relationship ever! that lasted that long!! It's hard to think, I havn't named (him) yet. Isn't it the cars that get girls names? Then there's the very old 10 inch straight head screwdriver from my farm days as well. Great to get between rocks after those weeds with long roots. I think that is just as old, some things you just can't remember not having. I have recently  added cable ties to my arsenal, there are the scissors, pen and notepad, numerous pair of garden gloves, tape measure, tissues, chapstick, sunscreen,and of course, the cooler along side for my water bottles. I guess it does look like I'm moving in, but I have to plan only one trip out to the garden, so better make it good. My limited walking ability has taught me to plan wisely. hahaha                   Add to all this, the fact I need my four wheel walker to get to the garden in the first place, I must be quite a sight! Add my cane, and there's your entertainment for the afternoon, ladies and gents..... top it off with a funny garden hat,

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  1. Ha! Very entertaining post. Even I didn't know you had all that stuff just for gardening.


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