Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Back In The Saddle Again

               Just came in from a few hours out weeding. Boy! Do those things grow well when you don't have $  for mulch!   New "gotta have" item........ mulch each and every bed this year! Well worth the investment--- No weeds, less watering, less diseases, less work! Gotta love that! I already filled a 5 gallon pail and I only moved about 10 feet! Funny thing happened when I tried to get up...... I had to crawl to the mudroom on my hands and knees to pull myself up by a grab bar! Boy have I gotten out of shape and legs are really weak! I have several plants still not planted yet, and they are all lined in the driveway waiting for me to get busy! I think I will let things rest this year. No breaking up or dividing. I actually like seeing big clumps of plants filling up the garden space. I have tons of seeds yet to start.They are all on a table with seedling trays- all I need is the energy to DO it.                                         I went  to the place where our town has designated to dump yard debris yesterday. I had four trash barrels to dump. A gentleman offered to help me, then wanted to know WHY I had so many barrels. I told him I had many gardens. My truck hasn't run since last July, and stuff did pile up. Now truck is back,  debris is under control, and  I won';t have to answer dumb questions again. I guess I'm just a cranky old lady! Working in the garden always makes me smile and I am sure it lowers my blood pressure too! Last year I bought some "ice cream " tulips. They look just like an ice cream cone! I highly recommend  them! Vanilla ice cream with strawberry sauce on top! All my lilacs are blooming right now. Smells great! My tree Peony is blooming right now too. It is way ahead of the regular Peony bushes. This year I have all the lumber ready to rebuild the grape arbor. Got two more red vines to plant. I have given up on my Kiwi vines, and now they seem to be going gangbusters! If something doesn't do well for me, in this case, Kiwi, I get rid of it and work in something else. After babying Kiwi for several years, each time I got blooms, they fell off after two days. I never had trouble with grapes. I have a Niagra vine, and it NEVER fails me! Which brings me to ask a question----does any one know if the rule that fruit is plentiful every other year is true???? I heard it somewhere, and I wondered if it was an old wives tale or truth. On that note, I will close for now. Keep digging!!!


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