Monday, February 15, 2016

I'm Sorry

Apologies for the double-play on my Valentine's day entries, but when I first hit "publish", nothing happened! I labored to make a second entry, and now I see they both ended up getting published! Well, at least you know I don't BS cuz they both were the same!  hahaha  Small town, small mind, I guess. I am stuck inside with zero temps. Pansy me with cold weather. Not just Benny. My truck never got fixed this week: mixed signals with the mechanic. So I guess I'm still grounded for a while. I feel like I'm 14 again and my Mom said those dreaded words to punish me......"You're Grounded" Hopefully Spring will get here soon, so will my garden cart, and plant orders, and I'll be Loopy once again!!


  1. I wasn't sure if you meant 2 posts since they seemed slightly different to me but then my memory seems to need some everready batteries

  2. Hi Ho-You inspired me so I made a card for ya! I mentioned you on my blog-I hope you don't mind:). Hope you get a chance to check it out


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