Monday, July 20, 2015

Weeds Weeds Weeds!

       Those darn weeds, evergrowing. I wish the rest of my things did as well. Even tho it feels about 100 degrees today, I know later I have to get busy. There is a pile of debris sitting in my driveway that has to be stripped down, and the front and back yards need to be weed wacked as well. Because the truck isn't running, this whole gigantic mess has to be put in brown bags for trash pickup on Wednesday AM. And I don't feel especially energetic today. Guess this calls for a big pot of coffee!    Whine whine, I know. Usually people offer for easy things,and want to be paid!  Well, I never seem to have any "extra" funds laying around, and weeding is actually WORK, so I do it myself. My friend in California has a lawn service, so it's never a problem for  her. Unless I get a boyfriend ( HA HA HA HA!) who can do it or pay someone else to do it, here I sit. Complaining. The last guy in my life didn't turn out so well. It seems as he was visiting me every day, and even came for dinner, there was a girlfriend he forgot to mention! When I confronted him on this issue, he got angry and to this day won't even look at me when he walks his dog by my house. And he walks by twice a day. I have to wonder what his issue is. There are lots of other streets he could walk on. Get over yourself, Luis!! You aren't that special!                                                 So I guess it is time to get busy, as Arsenio would say, and do the coffee and the other mundane tasks anead of me. So ta ta for now.....


  1. If he couldn't take you asking about a girlfriend he once had then good riddance. Why does he still walk past your house twice a day? I would almost want to wave and say hi and be a real snot, maybe he will then walk somewhere else. My hubby was amazed at how fast the weeds have been growing. He pulled out 2 stinging nettles, wearing gloves, and it still got through. They are nasty!

  2. When are you going to get your brother going again? He got you started with this, and then quit!

  3. Hi kathy thanks by stopping by!
    Hope the weather is not so hot how I heard!


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