Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Summer sweat--or sweet

As I sit in my mudroom, it is soooooo muggy and stickey here my glasses are fogging up! Later on this eve I purpose to get after all the double didget high weeds that have established a home in all of my beds Seems like they don't take breaks like some of us people do. I am going to load up five gallon pails and barrels because my truck is not drivable at the moment.                                         Getting money for my altenator is looking like it will have to come from September 3rd's check. I can just load all barrels and put them in the back bed of my truck for storage. I could never own a landscaping company because in extreme summer weather, while the weeds still grow, the grass still needs cutting, the hedges still need clipping to keep up their pristine appearance, o'l Kathy Lynch is melting away in some corner of her mudroom. Some guys are out there even working construction on the highways!!Hats off to them! As long as I am a "fattie-Boom-balattie",  this shall be my lot in life. But I can really hustle in cooler weather!                 One thing I keep a record of each year is the first time I see a lightning bug. This goes way back to my younger years. I have a very fond memory of these little creatures. When I was back at home, I left for work each morning at 6:45. There was a neighbor I had a crush on and he happened to be comming home from his third shift job around the same time. Every morning we would pass each other at the same time, same spot on the road. Well, what was a girl to do to speed up the natural course of things????? I hatched a plan. Because we passed every morning at the same spot, I started to wave each day. He started waving back. I let this go for a while, then moved to part "B" of my idea. One day, I left a few minutes earlier. I pulled to the side of the road, and parked. I opened my hood and stood there like a damsel in distress. When the object of my affection came up the street, as  I was hoping, he stopped to  assist. By the time we parted ways that day, I had arranged to have him come over that weekend to ride horses with me. This started a summer romance. We spent lots of nights drinking "Boones Farm" wine, going to concerts in Boston seeing groups like Santana, J Giles, Traffic, and the rest of the groups that toured at that time. We also enjoyed the frequent availability of Marijuana. He was 6 and 1/2 feet tall and had long blond hair and for a vehicle he drove a hearse! I was head over heels. Well, one night we were parked on my back road, drinking a little, smoking a little, listening to music, and there were lots of lightning bugs flitting outside the window. I got out and started to catch them in my hands. I let them all go free to fly inside the back of the hearse. It was like a twinkling little light show. After a while, we released them all back outside. No bugs were harmed in the making of this memory....Oh, to be 18 again.....and young and foolish...   Well, now back to boring reality, being grown up, responsible, law abiding, blaah blaah..blaah. Thanks for the memories, Earl,,, where ever you are. At least I still have those little harbingers of summer.


  1. That firefly memory is precious. By the way, did I miss the explanation of what your mudroom is?

  2. The hearse is long gone and his hair is now grey, but Earl is alive and well, glad to say! (Hm. Hadn't planned to make that rhyme!)

  3. What a special memory! I love that he drove a hearse! Are they fireflies? They are so neat to see.


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