Wednesday, March 11, 2015

            Here I am, counting the days till I can get moving outside again. Big case of cabin fever. There is quite a lot of ice in the driveway, so there I will spend some time this afternoon. Chopping. My houseplants are all fed, watered, and waiting for warmer days to take their summer places in the driveway. I include in this list several Geraniums that have gotten really large over the winter. Red, white, and pink. My Oxalis are starting to bloom as well. One fine day there will be several months of dog poop to scoop up and hide in the trash barrel as well. Butch doesn't pick up after himself. I guess that's the price one pays for unconditional companionship. I have to wonder if I am the only person that feels like after a long sedentary winter my pants seem a smidge tight..Thankfully, those extra lbs. will go as soon as I start to get outside. I have only seen one Cardinal this season, and no spring birds yet. They should be on their way, it's 45 degrees today and promises to be warmer all week. I have to top off my feeder. Seed is a little low. The stores will have their spring plants very soon, Joy Joy Joy!!!!


  1. My pants are all tight which suck:) Thankfully it is warmer but the snow is a lovely shade of grey guck. Your plants sound like they are thriving and ready to be planted

  2. Happy Spring to you! The snow in my back yard is still several inches deep by the stockade fence, but where Butch has traveled and near my driveway it is crusty, brown, somewhat yellowish and orange! I really don't want to know why, just want all that brown stuff to melt. Then several windy March days I will be picking all the debris up. Snow is so beautiful in November and December. A fluffy white blanket. Pitty by January I am bored with the shovels, sanding sidewalks, plastic on my windows, and sleeping under two comforters! There is no heat in my bedroom except for the tiny heater I keep on my bureau. Needless to say I really wait for weather to get warmer. I was excited and loaded all my potting flats, seed starting mix, and a big tub with all packages of seeds on my counter in the kitchen last week. There they still sit! I ran out of gusto. Hope this evening I can get back to it. I look forward to how many days each type takes to pop through the soil . Call me a big child, I guess. Maybe this year I can get to Home Depot for some cheaper pine to make a greenhouse with leftover plastic just about 3x5 feet for seed starting next time. That seems to be a need every spring and I know it wouldn't be very hard to do.I could disassemble it after the days got warmer, and store it in my shed. Give my kitchen a break, not to mention avoid a mess.Hey!! I should start now!!! Catch you later.....

  3. I hope you have a delightful spring to enjoy. By the way, I should be back in the normal swing of things this coming Wednesday.

  4. It's 4:00 AM but cannot sleep. So here I am....I have a big ol' arthritic knee in pain. Butch has to go potty, and I just polished the last piece of peanut butter fudge (of course I didn't deliver the WHOLE batch to my girlfriend). The seeds I started last week have sprouted somewhat ; hope my memory serves cuz I didn't label anything. Once they pop up it is easy to tell and I couldn't bother with minor details like labels.... The next warmish day I'll have to plan to take down all of my plastic. That will be a whole day in itself. Cannot bear to take them down if I still am using my heat..It's the Silas Marner in me. And I'll have to move the truck back out in the street. A sure sign of spring is when I open the yard up to the dog and the birds and my plants. Happy happy joy joy as Ren and Stimpy would say. I know I have too much time on my hands because my friend burst out laughing when I told her that the ton of clothes she gave me the other day (same day I gave her the fudge) were all hung up according to color...dark to lighter then white! They are hanging along the wall where my computer is and I have to say look rather spiffy. Boy do I need a life!!!Come on spring!

    1. Ren and Stimpy? My wife introduced me to that show soon after we were married in '94. Sure explains a lot about you both. (LOL?)


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